Hosting is simply the place on the internet where all your website files and images are stored. Transferring your web files to a hosting account (FTP)enables your site to become “live” on the internet.

Hosting is an ongoing fee, paid in advance either 6 monthly or annually directly to the hosting service provider. This ensures that your web remains live on the internet.

Brandlinx offers a Hosting service with each website we develop including any specified Email addresses you may require.

We also allocate you a Cpanel (a Control Panel) which is a “web-based” controlling site that gives you tons of various tools to enable you to check visitor statistics, and control, change or view different aspects of your website.

However, using your own cpanel is not essential, but it can be very rewarding if you enjoy the technical side of things.

Your Hosting Fee/Package will depend on the size of your website and the required monthly bandwidth (visitors) you will need.