Professional looking and professionally functioning websites are essential.

Don’t simply use a cheap looking template-style, generic website to sell your products or service. Today’s Internet savvy shoppers know what a Polished website looks like, and they are much more likely to Buy from a professional attractive site, people know what a generic, unimpressive one looks like, so make sure yours is professionally done.

Make it easy to navigate and make it look good so people will be attracted to it and want to make a purchase there as well as return at another time. Also, ensure you have a reliable hosting company to reduce downtime, which will result in lost sales.

We develop websites in WordPress (Content Management System) including Email setup and back-end Cpanel access.

A few of our Websites:


Over the years, as we developed Mobile Apps, it became apparent that this was not always an ideal way to go, Android Apps need continued updating and many times cannot be downloaded onto certain mobile phone. As for IOS (iPhone), they are a rule unto themselves, and on many occasions have simple just removed an App from the iStore without any explanation.

We recommend and promote developing WebApps for our clients

A WebApp which is an online responsive mobile website that is available to every device whether it is a desktop PC, a cellphone, or a tablet. All you require is an internet connection. Web applications do not need to be downloaded since they are accessed directly through a network via a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Our WebApps can be installed directly to a mobile home page with an icon which acts just like a mobile App, without the limitations.


Here are a few of our WebApps, (best viewed on a Mobile device)


We have worked with these companies on various projects: